National Ice Cream Day, Here’s Where To Get Free Ice Cream Today

Today is National Ice Cream Day, the perfect food holiday. Why? Ice cream is delicious enough to be a Hall-of-Fame-level food and tons of restaurants and stores participate in the sweet celebration. And, unlike burgers or caviar (National Caviar Day was last Tuesday!), ice cream is cheap enough that restaurants are willing to hook you up.

National Ice Cream Day arrives on Sunday, July 21, and there’s more free ice cream that a person can put down in a single day (that’s not exactly intended to be a challenge). If you’re celebrating, you don’t want to waste precious time figuring out where the treats are hidden, you just want to eat ice cream. The below list will help you sort through all the noise to find the absolute best freebies and deals available on National Ice Cream Day, from local shops to chains like Baskin-Robbins, Dippin’ Dots, Nutella, and Carvel.

Check back often. The list will be updated throughout the day.


National Ice Cream Day deals
Courtesy of Néktar Juice Shop
Courtesy of Carvel
National Ice Cream Day 2019
Courtesy of Mountain Mike’s Pizza

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